Update – Oct 2019

Key Points

• This Full Fibre upgrade is a straight forward swap of your copper line for fibre. So your telephone service and number will remain the same if you wish.

• You need to do very little! Other than register interest and then respond to one email that DCMS will send you to confirm your upgrade.

• This Full Fibre upgrade can be delivered at zero cost to everyone if a critical mass of properties participates.

• Even if you don’t feel you need better broadband, by acting as a community, we can significantly improve broadband for those who really do need the upgrade for business or personal reasons.

• It is widely accepted that Full Fibre broadband increases property value. London School of Economics carried out a comprehensive study of this and prudently suggest as much as a 3% increase in property value.

• It will result in each property having their own private dedicated fibre connection, so delivering a step-change from the slowest speeds in the UK to the fastest in the world. Future proofed for decades, as your fibre upgrade capacity and speeds are technically unlimited.

• There are no additional costs other than individual properties signing up to a provider of their choice after the upgrade. The cheapest packages available is £23.50/month from BT for 36 Mbps Broadband/Internet and telephone. 300 Mbps packages are available at around £45/month, and costs are decreasing all the time.

• Fibre to the Premise delivers broadband that is cheaper, much faster, more consistent, and far more reliable than fixed wireless or mobile broadband.

• Everyone would be upgraded within 10 months (or less) of a collective decision being made to proceed, thanks to Terms and Conditions imposed by the UK Government on Openreach.

Blairadam Status and Call to Action:

Currently 62 of 177 Blairadam properties have registered interest in a Full Fibre upgrade. You can check a map of interest (and if your property is in the correct location) at: https://bit.ly/30JPelL

Two Blairadam Community Fibre Partnership quotes are currently being worked on by Openreach, covering the properties in the map below. But we need more people to register interest, particularly in Middleton Park. We can organise as many separate Community Fibre Partnership projects as the community desires, clusters can be as small as two properties and as big as we can organise.

There is no commitment, financial or otherwise, at this stage. Register interest online and let us know if you run a business (Ltd Co, Charity, sole-trade, self-employment) from your property at:


or direct link to registration up form:


If anyone would like to discuss the details or meet face-to-face please contact info@blairadam.net

What is Full Fibre?