Community Fibre Partnership (CFP) Update (13/09/21)

Hi Folks,

                I wanted to keep everyone up to date with the latest progress on the local Fibre Broadband initiative, and to thank all those people who have registered an interest so far.

Due to the high level of interest we have now been able to expand the Community Fibre Partnership (CFP) to cover all 66 properties in the Keltybridge area. Openreach has been asked to create a delivery plan which covers the entire area and the next step will be for Openreach to provide a plan for the rollout.

We have also challenged the broadband line speed assessments for many of the properties in the Keltybridge area. The reason for this is that Openreach has categorised many properties as having speeds above 30mpbs which renders them ineligible for the Scottish Government funding for fibre broadband. However, after some initial investigation we believe that only Abbots Wynd falls into this category (and those properties are only just above 30mbps).

As soon as Openreach have provided the updated plan I will provide a further update.


Sean Gordon

CFP Lead for Keltybridge and surrounding area

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